Young Entrepreneurs Cashing In On Local Services Niche

Entrepreneurship is becoming more and more popular, especially for teens and college aged young people who are feeling the crunch of university debt, and want to subsidize their often low paying, entry level jobs. With the growth of social media and other instant, high engagement social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat getting ideas out to the market is easier than ever. Combine this with YouTube, where anyone can learn almost any basic or obscure skill, and there has never been a greater time for a millennial to have an interest in business and generating extra revenue to deal with mounting expenses.

Phone Repair Explodes in Calgary

One of the easiest skills to learn online, lines up perfectly with one of the most consistent services that’s in demand is definitely phone repair, specifically iPhone and Android device repair. Everyone has had a friend that suffered from a cracked or broken iPhone screen in the Calgary area, and it can be quite annoying. Motivated young entrepreneurs have been offering on-site, on-demand repairs since the original iPhone 4 was released and local Apple users have been eating it up. The convenience of having someone knowledgeable come to you, fix your phone right in front of you and back it up with a proper warranty can’t be understated and has no doubt led to Apple introducing the Apple Care replacement program.

There are iPhone and iPad repair shops in every medium and large city all over Canada and the United States, and most are run by younger business owners. One of the newest in the Calgary area is TechMates which offers on-site, on-demand service 24/7 with a lifetime a warranty. Originally conceived by 18 year old Kyle Jagassar as Matrix Repairs, they expanded out of their 2 Winnipeg locations to hire independent contractors in both Winnipeg and Edmonton as test markets. The ability for such a young individual to leverage the power of marketing their product through the internet so fast shows the potential landscape young marketers and those driven enough to tackle business are working with.

Some of the easiest local verticals young entrepreneurs can start with include services such as snow removal, maid services and of course tech repair. Often established businesses are slow to adapt to revenue streams and marketing channels and this can provide a great opportunity for the aggressive business man. Local classifieds sites like CraigsList in the States or Kijiji in Canada are a great starting point for gauging demand, as well as a small AdWords budget for those that have more to risk, however the barrier to entry in general has been lowered to the point where anything can be accomplished with enough grit and hard work.

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