The Halo e cig: Is it the Better Option?

Most people – new to the e-cig world – assume all electronic cigarette brands are the same. To a certain extent, this premise is correct: they all operate on batteries (or electricity), they are a great alternative for tobacco users interested in quitting smoking, and they emit doses of vaporised nicotine – although some emit non-vaporised nicotine solutions. E-cigarette manufacturing companies, however, have different ways of manufacturing their products.

The halo e-cig has dominated the industry in the past few years. Just like most other brands, the halo started with the cig-a-like. However, it quickly joined the giants and entered the world of powerful, long lasting batteries and refillable tanks. It also started producing USA-based e-liquid – this is a plus since most e-cig companies used to import their e-cig liquids from China, where quality control is a bit shaky. The result was an excellent vaping set up that has consistently kept halo amongst the highest ranked e-cigarettes today. Read on to learn more about the halo e cig.

Halo E Cig Review

Compared to the giants in the e-cig industry, halo is like a youthful adult. However, when it comes to performance and product quality, the company delivers as well as the giants – if not better. The company offers several modern lines: the G6 and the eGo-style Triton model. These exceptional products not only give you a wide range of colours to choose from, they also offer upgrade options and accessories. However, what gives the halo company its mark of distinction is its American-made smoke juice; it is one of the best in the market – its flavours give the user an excellent combination of ‘throat hit’ and vapour.

True, halo’s juice is awesome, but its e-cig models are not shabby either.

The G6 Model

This is halo’s entry-level e-cigarette. It comes in different styles and colours. The conventional faux-white has the real cigarette look: it has a slow dimming LED. The G6 kit comprises a pack of 5-black pre-filled cartomizers.

G6’s Performance

G6 is lightweight and sleek in appearance. It offers a wide range of upgrade and accessory options. Its vapour production and flavour choices are also outstanding: over 20 flavours to choose from. In addition, compared to other mini models, it has longer battery life: you can go for the 65mm / 180-mAh option or the 85/280mAh option, which lasts longer.

The Triton Tank System

This is halo’s star model. It has been specifically designed for the heavy smoker. You can choose either the 450mAh battery or the 650-mAh battery – depending on how long you need to vape. However, if you feel like going the extra mile, you can choose the 950-mAh or 1300-mAh batteries. Alternatively, you can pick the variable voltage model for the ultimate vaping experience. The Triton version has 10 + attractive colours that you can choose from. You can use it – just like the G6 – with any of halo’s 20+ e-liquids.

Triton’s Performance

Triton’s most fascinating feature is that the G6’s mini tanks and cartomizers are compatible with Triton’s tank system. This means that you can easily upgrade to Triton without having to throw away your G6 cartos. All you would need, to upgrade, is a Triton battery and charger – not interchangeable. Of course, if you fully decide to indulge yourself, you would need to purchase larger tanks and a back up battery. However, the major upside is that you have the option of testing the waters without breaking your bank.

Halo’s Flipside

There is not much to complain about. However, a new user may find choosing the right flavour somewhat daunting; for example, one may not know which flavour the Torque 56 is. There are also not very many sweet and fruity options available. Although the options have been categorised – Tobacco, Menthol, and Gourmet – picking the best choice is still difficult since there are about 5 to 10 options in each category.

The Take-away

Halos are by far one of the best electronic cigarette models: their design is gorgeous, their battery life dependable, they have a very pleasant flavour, and a user-friendly website. To cap it all, the halo e cig brands have been designed for all users – light and heavy smokers.

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