How Social Signals Affect Search Engine Rankings

social-signalsIf your business has an underdeveloped online social media presence you are hampering your SEO efforts. One of the most underrated yet critical aspects that contribute to the ranking a website achieves on Google is social signals. Social signals are increasingly considered by all search engines as a way of confirming whether a website has authority and is trustworthy. There is a high risk of falling behind the competition for businesses that ignore the importance of social signals.

What Are Social Signals?

When a website or brand is mentioned on an online social platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ these are recognized by the search engines as social signals.

What Are The Signs That Your Business Is Social?

The first step is to check which social platforms your business has a presence in. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ are the basic essentials in social media platforms, and your business should have accounts with each of these. A social assessment will include checking the set-up of your business’s social pages. Social media profiles and pages should be optimized for the search engines to make sure that they are giving your business the highest value. The social media pages of the business should consistently reflect the existing online brand of that business, and should be frequently updated with fresh, unique quality content. Google values these kinds of updates very highly.

What Is So Important About Social Signals?

social_signalsThe rapid and constant increase in popularity of social websites such as Facebook means there is a continuing growth of new subscribers. Apart from a constant influx of new users, existing users are constantly increasing their use of social media. Social media is the most popular and effective way of sharing information with others. Google has become aware of this constantly growing exchange of information, and is now using it to manage its rankings. Social signals are effectively a popularity contest. The idea behind this is that if a website has a lot of social buzz around it, it must be authoritative and trustworthy since people do not recommend bad companies. Trust is a key component to the ranking of a website in the search engines and social signals demonstrate a high degree of trust.

How Can Your Business Build A Social Presence?

* Make sure that your business has accounts on at least: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Facebook.

* Take the time to ensure that your social media pages are a clear representation of the brand of your business.

* Check that the social media properties of your business are properly optimized for the search engines according to the latest SEO practices. Social media properties that are not properly and professionally built can actually harm the online presence of a business.

* Keep the social properties of your business regularly updated. It is crucial to make sure that you are engaging users regularly, and this is one of the areas that most businesses neglect.

* Make sure that you constantly monitor your customer reviews and respond to them. According to research every negative experience takes 12 positive experiences to make up for it. This means it is very important to do everything you can to prevent a negative review from hurting your business.

As you can see, social media marketing is an essential and powerful part of ensuring the success of a business. To get put your businesses social house in order you could enlist the help of SEO experts by visiting this site or visit Search Engine Land to learn how to do it on your own. No matter which path you choose the important thing is that you get it done!

Wen Wei Max