Find The Right Bedside Table

Tips For Buying The Right Bedside Table

Are you looking for a bedside table for your bedroom? Do you need something that complements the decor of your bedroom as well as serving the purpose? Well, here are some useful tips to help you find the best nightstand.

The Size

The ideal size for a good bedside table is about 25 inches or lower. If you choose anything that’s bigger, you might end up bumping on it repeatedly. On the other hand, you should consider the size of your bed, before looking for a nightstand. That way, the size of the bed and that of the nightstand should complement each other perfectly.

The Height

Beds vary in height. The same goes for nightstands. If you have a bed with a considerable height including the mattress, you should look for a nightstand that complements the height. That way, from your bed, you should be able to switch off an alarm clock on the nightstand or get a glass of water from the table with ease.

The Junk Drawer

The best bedside tables have a storage area. Think about how many small items accumulate near your bed. For instance, you might keep the remote, phone, books and much more on the bedside table. If you choose one with a junk drawer, you can always have some extra space for anything else at the top.

The Number

Do you need one or two nightstands? Imagine if you sleep on one side of the bed while your partner sleeps on the other. Eventually everyone will need their own bedside table. Well, if you’re looking to get more than one, you can always check the space and get those that will for perfectly. That way, everyone can enjoy his or her personal space without cluttering the other’s bedside table.

The Material

Yes, you might be fashionable such that your nightstand should be made from the same material as your bed. However, if you can’t afford it, there is no need to force it. Therefore, with so many materials to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice. Research as much as possible to find a nightstand that matches your needs and preferences to the letter.

Choosing a bedside table might seem like a huge hustle. However, with these amazing tricks, you should find it easier to get a nightstand that you like. Of course, you can always ask an expert or research on the internet to get more information.

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