e-Commerce Website Design Strategies

Ecommerce Web Design Tips

There is an online store for almost everything these days. However, it also means that there is a lot of competition online and therefore, an e-commerce business needs to stand out in terms of design and usability to get ahead of the competition. You may be great at getting targeted traffic through SEM and social media to your website but the web design may put off visitors. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to pay special attention to the design of your e-commerce website to convert visitors to paying customers. Here are a few tips on ecommerce websites from Insiteful to help you with web design.

All the products come in a variety of sizes, colors as well as other such options. Therefore, your e-commerce website needs to have a system of filters that allows visitors to choose the right product in a few clicks. If you are a small store, you may check out some of the big e-commerce stores like Shopify and Magento to find out more about the types of filtering options offered to customers.

You should keep the search bar visible at all times. All the big e-commerce websites have a dominating search bar and if they are using it, you should also use it. If the visitors come to your website and do not find the products they need, they may start searching and if they are able to find the search bar easily, they are more likely to use it instead of just clicking the back button and go to another website.

Your website should have high-quality photographs of the products you are selling. People want to see the products they are buying and therefore, the photo quality should be excellent. Also, try to include a lot of high quality pictures of the products.

The navigation menu of your website should be full of categories and sub categories making it easy for the visitors to browse your website. All the big e-commerce websites have a well thought out menu that allows people to easily navigate their website. For instance, Amazon has close to 500 million products but it’s extremely easy for consumers to navigate their website.

The e-commerce design should be unique and allow your website to stand out from the competition. In simple terms, your site should have distinctive features for consumers to keep coming back. You should also make sure that the social media networks are embedded in the e-commerce website. You should place vna icons on each page to ensure that consumers can share their thoughts on social media easily. This is a great first step to installing an awesome foundation for marketing on the web as well.

An e-commerce website will also include testimonials from other buyers as visitors these days expect to read reviews of a product from other buyers before they decide to buy. The checkout should be extremely simple. The pages should be clean and there shouldn’t be any clutter.

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