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Customer Service Tips to use at your Car Dealership

Customer Service Advice

A good sales person is one who understands what his clients wants and delivers just that, and keeps them coming back. They have to be loyal and understand all their clients individually. Understand that the customer is always right, and in the same time understanding each of their preferences so that you can offer good service to them. To keep your customers coming back, this article will give you a few tips on how to earn their loyalty.

1. Focus on making customers and not just sales.

You should ensure that you create good relations with your customers and have their best interests at heart. Once the customer feels that they are properly taken care of, they will trust you and bring more business. They don’t have to come back to buy another car, just give them advice and offer whatever service you can. This will create a relationship with the customer and will ensure their loyalty, which you are seeking.

2. Do follow ups

I had the best supercar rental customer service recently, and even after I had brought the care back, they followed up with me! After a customer has bought a car from you, do some follow ups to know how they are fairing with the vehicle. Offer them after sale services like servicing their vehicle for up to an year. Ensure that they are treated well, like have a place where they seat as your engineers have a look at their car, and have a specialist sit with them, talking them through various issues concerning their car.

3. No excuses

When a customer leaves their car at your place ensure that it is given priority and whatever was the problem is taken care of in the shortest time possible. You could have the vehicle delivered to their place to reduce their inconveniences, and if possible give them a vehicle to use during the time which their vehicle will be at your place.

4. Personalized service

Each customer should have an appointed representative for them. This person should be their go to person each time they have an issue and they should be available at the customers convenience. This person should be a people person and able to easily talk to people. The customer should never be argued with and should be treated with respect.

5. Know your product

Ensure that you answer the customers questions without having to refer anywhere. You should study every product that you have to sell. Keep up with every customers preference, and if an upgrade comes along, patch them through a call to alert them. An upgrade could be a part that they have issues with, or an upgrade to the car they already have. Make it about caring for them and not about reaching out to them to spend another dollar at your dealership.

6. Quality service

Every customer is looking for quality service wherever they go. Your chance to show them the quality service will be the first time you meet and make a good first impression and earn their loyalty. Ensure that you personally check the product before it leaves the dealership, and show them that you really understand what you are dealing with.
Treat your customer with respect and they will come back with another.

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