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Beginning a Career as a Real Estate Agent

Career Choices - Real Estate AgentThere are plenty of opportunities to work as a real estate agent. Once you obtain your license you can find work in agencies, brokerages, and property management companies.

Getting started in Naples real estate does not require any special education other than the information learned in pre-exam classes. Each state has its own requirements but most licensing schools will cover principles of real estate, real estate financing, and sometimes ethics. The basic education most all agents must possess in addition to the pre-license training is a high school diploma.

The cost of getting a license varies depending on the state and the individual license program. In most cases, a license can be obtained for under $300.

Once they get a real estate agent license, he or she can get a job. Most agents will start with a brokerage. The larger, nationwide real estate agencies often solicit the help of new agents. These agencies also offer training and mentor programs.

When a real estate agent starts out, they will be competing for sales with many other experienced agents and brokers. This can make getting those first few sales or purchases a challenge, but when a new agent gets to work under the wings of an experienced agent, it is usually beneficial for both the agents and the agency itself.

Many people who embark on a real estate career look forward to setting their own hours and being able to work on their own terms. That’s why guys like Robert Dloren did it. Another aspect of being a real estate agent is the large commissions. Usually, a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent will split the traditional 6 percent commission. If a home sells for $200,000, that could mean a $6,000 paycheck for each agent.

The reality is that in addition to splitting the commission, the agent will have to give a portion of the commission to the brokerage at which they work. Other fees may also come out of that check including errors and omissions insurance charges, desk fees, and document fees.

While there is a good deal of potential to make six figures a year, most agents will average about $42,000. The work as an agent is highly tied in with economic factors so the income is likely to vary based on these factors as well as on how much time an agent puts into marketing themselves.

While agents can work on their own schedules, the most successful agents make themselves available to their clients on their client’s schedule. Working evenings and weekends are normal for real estate agents.

While there are good brokerages that offer training and support to agents, the individual agent must build his or her own client list and drive their own sales and listings. This can mean putting in many hours marketing themselves and prospecting for clients and sales.

There is a good deal of freedom and a potential to make lots of money as an agent. However, the agent must put forth a consistent effort to maintain client relations and manage economic trends in order to succeed in the long term.

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